Class Survey

History 3570/Spring 2014/Student Survey
Survey taken January 22, 2014

N = 34
Parental education
61% of parents with a degree beyond the BA – law/medicine/PhDs/divinity degrees
16% of parents with ABs as terminal degree
23% of parents without a college degree
Little parental educational variance –  mothers almost as likely to have advanced degrees as pops

Sibling Education
Your siblings – comparably directed – somewhat more regionally-tied?
You going further/higher??

Prior Schooling
1/3rd privates      (HMann/PE à Girls schools àJesuit inner-city schools)
2/3s publics – Most described as good ones

Where If Not Here?
Another Ivy  5 (15%)
Comparable  (Duke/Vanderbilt/Chicago/JHU…)  10 (30%%)
Mid-size – 2 (Tulane/Wash. U)
Big state university – 5 (15%)
SLACs – 4 (12%)
BU/NYU – 5 (15%0
Other Women’s College – 1
Small college — 1
BC only – 1

Career Plans
Law – 7 (20%)
Business 5
Journalism/TV/Writer  – 6
Medicine — 3
Ministry/Politics/Arts  — 3
Education/Research  — 3
Not a Clue — 6

No farmers/no cops/no homemakers/

RMc – 1/23/2014

About Robert McCaughey

Professor of History, Barnard College. Current scholarly interests center on the social history of American academic life and early American maritime history. Once a marathoner, now a pretty sedentary sailor of a 28' Alerion sloop.
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  1. spp2113 says:

    How do you think parental education would be different at a state school? What about sibling education?

    Of course the idea of partaking in higher education is to move up, but might the goal of an Ivy League education be different than that of a large state school?

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