Note on Postings

Alma Mater/Spring 2014

A Note on Postings

All enrolled students will be expected to submit three postings to the Course blog::
February 12 – Colleges to 1860
March 24 – Colleges and Universities to 1945
April 28 – Colleges and Universities since 1945

These will be made available by author’s name to all who have access to the course blog and who will be invited to comment on the content and presentational aspects of these postings. (Grades will be communicated by the instructor privately. Each represents 10% of the overall course grade.)

The postings can take  any of several forms:
a 1000-word interpretive essay with illustrations and links to sources;
a power-point presentation of 10-12 slides;
a more elaborate digital presentation mounted on the student’s course website and
linked to the course blog
Other presentational formats should be discussed with the instructor before proceeding.

The postings may each be on unrelated persons or subjects or organized to present an ongoing commentary on a given issue (financial aid, athletics)), institution (Brown University) or aspect (affirmative action, faculty compensation)  of the history of American colleges and universities.

About Robert McCaughey

Professor of History, Barnard College. Current scholarly interests center on the social history of American academic life and early American maritime history. Once a marathoner, now a pretty sedentary sailor of a 28' Alerion sloop.
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