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How has the University of Bologna’s foundation as being the first institution of its kind in which students sought out teachers affected it today? Is it still different from other European universities in France, Great Britain, etc?

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How much would the traditional teaching styles and core values of the early European Universities have transferred over and been influential in Columbia University (Kings College) when it was founded in 1754?

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Class Survey

History 3570/Spring 2014/Student Survey Survey taken January 22, 2014 N = 34 Parental education 61% of parents with a degree beyond the BA – law/medicine/PhDs/divinity degrees 16% of parents with ABs as terminal degree 23% of parents without a college … finish reading Class Survey

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Note on Postings

Alma Mater/Spring 2014 A Note on Postings All enrolled students will be expected to submit three postings to the Course blog:: February 12 – Colleges to 1860 March 24 – Colleges and Universities to 1945 April 28 – Colleges and … finish reading Note on Postings

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