Throughout the course of the semester students will be working on labs, in which the final goal is to build a functional smartwatch. The goal of these labs is to provide students with experience in a broad range of topics within the Internet of Things (IoT). Students will start by building an embedded system (the watch) that directly interfaces with the physical world, before incorporating and communicating with the cloud to perform data analysis and visualization. The diagram below provides a general flow of the final system. By the end of the lab sessions, students will have a basic understanding of all the different components that go into common IoT systems.

There are a total of six weekly labs, and the following list provides a breakdown of the topics that will be covered each week. TAs will be present during the lab sessions to introduce and assist students in completing their tasks. Labs will be held on Mondays from 2:40 – 4:40 PM in Mudd 1235.


1.     Environment Setup and Feather HUZZAH Introduction

2.     Reading and Processing Analog Sensor Data

3.     Bus Communication: I2C and SPI

4.     Interfacing with APIs

5.     Embedded Servers

6.     Databases, Visualization, and Putting it All Together



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