Mimmo Cuticchio, Orlando Innamorato (cunto)


11:02 Introduction
11:31 Charlemagne invites King Marsilio and his other “pagan” relatives to his “grande festa” in Paris.
12:50 Angelica appears and addresses the emperor.


0:00 Charlemagne promises to send his knights to joust against Angelica’s brother.
1:23 Orlando in love
2:09 In the ensuing lottery, Astolfo is chosen first, Ferraù di Spagna second, Rinaldo third.
4:19 Malagigi is caught by Angelica and sent to Cathay.
10:43 Astolfo loses to Argalia and accepts his imprisonment
13:03 Ferraù loses to Argalia’s magic lance, but refuses to accept defeat (battle cadence).
28:58 Angelica, having fled the duel, falls asleep near a river.


0:00 Orlando encounters the sleeping Angelica and contemplates her beauty.
1:21 Ferraù and Orlando fight over Angelica (battle cadence); interrupted by Fiordispina.