Mediathread is an innovative platform built by the CTL that supports collaborative multimedia analysis. Users of Mediathread are able to lift video, audio, and image items from a range of digital collections and then work with them in a course-specific website.

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Teaching with Mediathread

Mediathread is used in numerous courses and departments across Columbia University. Instructors designate digital collections that contain source materials for a given course, and post analytic assignments in Mediathread. With the click of an easily installed browser bookmarklet, students can import items from these collections into Mediathread, where they then can then be annotated, organized, shared, and embedded into multimedia compositions.

Collections compatible with Mediathread include groups of videos, audio files, and/or images assembled for courses, multimedia databases licensed by Columbia University Libraries, and publicly available collections such as YouTube, Flickr, OpenVault, and Wikimedia Commons.

This video shows examples of how Mediathread can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

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