Instructional Technology Support

The CTL helps members of the Columbia teaching community effectively integrate instructional technologies in their teaching practice. Faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and staff can get advice, training, and support to experiment with a rich portfolio of online platforms and digital and media tools to turn classrooms into active spaces for learning. The CTL also supports custom software development and media production for faculty through the Provost’s Request for Proposals for hybrid and online learning projects. These efforts allow faculty to stay on the cutting edge of instructional technologies.

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Get Support

Send inquiries to or contact the learning designer assigned to your department.

Learning Platforms

Faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and staff can request in-person support or access online resources from the CTL for using a range of instructional technologies and tools:

CourseWorks: Columbia’s learning management system, CourseWorks, is at the center of many instructional technology activities. CourseWorks is supplemented and enhanced by other tools that support a range of instructional objectives, such as tools for online collaboration, presentations, lecture capture, audience response, media annotation, and electronic portfolios.

EdBlogs: EdBlogs make it easy to share course content and create an online community using a blogging format. EdBlogs provides a blog for any course offered at Columbia University upon the course instructor’s request.

Mediathread: Mediathread is an innovative new platform built by the CTL that supports collaborative multimedia analysis. Mediathread allows users to lift video, audio, and image items from a range of digital collections and then work with them in a course-specific website.

Wikispaces: [UPDATE: April 2018] See note about upcoming service change.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Media Stations

Faculty wishing to use a blended or flipped classroom approach are increasingly interested in learning to create their own videos, quiz widgets, online learning modules, animations, and simulations. Instructors working with media productions tools such as Camtasia, ScreenFlow, or Articulate to produce classroom materials can consult with CTL learning designers and media producers. The CTL offers a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) station in the Learning Commons (Room 204 in Butler Library) for recording course content.

Funded Projects: Hybrid Learning and MOOCs

The CTL provides logistical, organizational, and instructional support for the Office of the Provost’s Request for Proposals for Hybrid Learning Course Redesign and Delivery and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The RFPs offer faculty small grants and in-kind support from the CTL.

Media and Software Development Projects

Projects developed by the CTL feature unique media productions and software development. If you are a faculty member interested in developing an educational innovation for your course, you can apply for funding for project development through the Office of the Provost’s Request for Proposals.