CTL for Graduate Students

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports the professional development of Columbia graduate students across the University with current or future teaching responsibilities. The CTL also offers an array of support to graduate students to help them reflect on, improve, and measure their teaching at Columbia.

Graduate students participating in the CTL’s programs and services develop a sense of pedagogical agency, interdisciplinary exchange, and peer-driven inquiry that helps prepare them for the future in a variety of academic and professional settings. They also develop instructional practices that are learner-centered and inclusive.

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Services for Faculty

Stay Connected

Graduate students can contact CTLgrads@columbia.edu for support or sign up for the CTL email list to receive timely updates on upcoming events and teaching tips, strategies, and resources.

Pathways for Graduate Students

Beginning to Teach

Are you a graduate student who is new to teaching?

Approaching the Job Market

Are you getting ready to go on the academic job market?

Advancing Your Teaching in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Are you a graduate student seeking further development as an instructor in the social sciences or humanities?

Advancing Your Teaching in the Sciences and Engineering

Are you a graduate student seeking further development as an instructor in the sciences or engineering?

Programs for Graduate Students

Programs for Graduate Students


Learn more about professional development program offerings for graduate student instructors.

Upcoming Events for Graduate Students

Upcoming Events

Visit the CTL Events Calendar to register for upcoming workshops and events for graduate students.

Services for Graduate Students

Microteaching Practice

Graduate students can participate in microteaching sessions to get direct feedback and support from their peers.

Mid-Course Reviews

Graduate student instructors can request Mid-Course Reviews with trained peer consultants who can help solicit feedback from students.

Teaching Observations

Graduate students can request teaching observations to receive individualized feedback on their teaching.


Graduate students can request in-person consultations to get support for their teaching and learning needs throughout the year.

Instructional Technology Support

Graduate students can get advice, training, and support to experiment with a rich portfolio of online platforms and digital and media tools.

“The professional development of our students is of paramount importance to the Graduate School. The CTL has developed pioneering workshops, institutes, and certificate programs that offer them innovative opportunities to communicate and collaborate with each other, to improve their presentation skills, and to prepare themselves to become leaders in their future professional contexts.”

Carlos J. Alonso

Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences