Student Participants

Deborah Cesarini holds a BA in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University. She is interested in understanding how people make moral judgments and how that knowledge can be applied to improve society.

Savannah Eklund is a rising junior in GS studying Medical Humanities. She currently works as a research intern with the Edward Hand Medical Museum and has spent the last few years as a professional dancer and actress. On campus, she is a choreographer and on the executive board of Orchesis, Columbia’s largest student-run dance group.

Ruby Clementine Kernkamp is a writer and dancer. She holds a BA in anthropology from Columbia University. Her work focuses on the multiple entanglements

Payton McCarty Simas is a 2021 graduate of Columbia College who studied film and sexuality. They are currently working as a freelance editor and continuing to write and make short films.

Caitlyn Stachura is a junior at Barnard College studying Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Religious Studies. In art and their academic studies alike, they seek to explore the relationship between sex, the body, and religiosity.