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Critical Questions for the Parent Interview Part 2 (DDPE Playlist: Module 3)
riti Download Video In this third video module, Cate continues on with the critical questions that need to be answered dur (More)
(Dollaghan & Campbell, 1998) Nonword Repetition and Child Language Impairment
Source URL: View this document on the ASHA website Intro: This article was one of the first to investigate nonword repetition as dynamic assessment. It also highlighted its i (More)
Differential Diagnosis in Preschool Evaluations: A Case Study (DDPE Playlist) Dr. Cate Crowley walks us through an appropriate evaluation of a culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) preschooler, previously misdiagnosed. She takes us from the parent in (More)
(Betz, Eickhoff, & Sullivan, 2013) Factors Influencing the Selection of Standardized Tests for the Diagnosis of Specific Language Impairment
Download: Betz, Eickhoff, & Sullivan (2013) This study investigated how and why SLPs choose st (More)
(Arias & Friberg, 2017) Bilingual Language Assessment: Contemporary Versus Recommended Practice in American Schools
Download: (Arias & Friberg, 2017) This study compared current school-based SLP (More)
(Hendricks & Adlof, 2017) Language Assessment With Children Who Speak Nonmainstream Dialects: Examining the Effects of Scoring Modifications in Norm-Referenced Assessment
Download: Hendricks & Adlof (2017) This study investigated the accuracy of using modified scoring procedures on standardized tests in accura (More)
Test Review: CELF-4 Spanish
Download: CELF4 Spanish Test Review - LEADERS PDF The Clinical Evaluation of Languag (More)
Test Review: CELF-5
Download: CELF5 Test Review-LEADERS PDF The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF-5) was designed to assess a student’s lang (More)
(Olswang, Rodriguez, & Timler, 1998) Recommending Intervention for Toddlers With Specific Language Learning Difficulties: We May Not Have All the Answers, But We Know a Lot
  Background: This review analyzed the literature on toddlers (generally around 2 years old) available at the time in order to compile characteristics that would enable early intervention (EI) providers to distinguish between ch (More)
(Hart & Risley, 1995) Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children
 Source URL: View this book on the Brookes Publishing website Researchers recorded all interactions bet (More)
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