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Critical Questions 1-4 (PDE: Module 19) Download Video This module is the first of three presenting the critical questions: nine essential questions that must be ask (More)
Critical Questions for the Parent Interview Part 2 (DDPE Playlist: Module 3)
riti Download Video In this third video module, Cate continues on with the critical questions that need to be answered dur (More)
Critical Questions for the Parent Interview Part 1 (DDPE Playlist: Module 2)
Download Video In this second module, Cate reviews the critical questions that should be asked (More)
(Dollaghan & Campbell, 1998) Nonword Repetition and Child Language Impairment
Source URL: View this document on the ASHA website Intro: This article was one of the first to investigate nonword repetition as dynamic assessment. It also highlighted its i (More)
Test Review: CELF-4 Spanish
Download: CELF4 Spanish Test Review - LEADERS PDF The Clinical Evaluation of Languag (More)
Test Review: CELF-5
Download: CELF5 Test Review-LEADERS PDF The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF-5) was designed to assess a student’s lang (More)
(Olswang, Rodriguez, & Timler, 1998) Recommending Intervention for Toddlers With Specific Language Learning Difficulties: We May Not Have All the Answers, But We Know a Lot
  Background: This review analyzed the literature on toddlers (generally around 2 years old) available at the time in order to compile characteristics that would enable early intervention (EI) providers to distinguish between ch (More)
(Hart & Risley, 1995) Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children
 Source URL: View this book on the Brookes Publishing website Researchers recorded all interactions bet (More)
NYCDOE Initial Guidance Document for Speech and Language Evaluators
NYCDOE Initial Guidance Document for Speech and Language Evaluators This document is based upon the requirements of the (More)
Understanding Assessment: Understanding the Normative Sample
The terms normative sample and standardization sample refer to the same concept and are often used interchangeably, though standardization sample is the term more frequently used in statistics and normative sample is more common within psychometrics. (More)
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