Class meeting #2 – Vocal synthesis: Voder to Vocaloid – Monday 9/10


Use the DOI links in the bibliography below to retrieve the readings using the Columbia Libraries e-resources. We will read only a small section of the Tompkins; I will scan and upload the relevant pages here.

Courtesy links: [Tompkins, pp. 18-50]


In a short (150-200 word hard max.) response to these three readings, briefly describe a theme or topic common to all readings.


There are thousands of tracks using speech synthesis. Recently, Porter Robinson’s album, Worlds, makes heavy use of Vocaloid software. Two contemporary examples of the vocoder include Taylor Swift, “Delicate” (at the beginning) or Zedd and Maren Morris, “The Middle” (at 0:36). In both cases, the vocoder is used to provide backing vocals supporting the lead singer (so the tracks include both the unprocessed “dry” vocals as well as the “wet” vocoded part). You should also have a look at this short excerpt from the 1939 demo of the Voder.